My spaces are the embodiment of function and functionality. To me a functional space serves more than just a utilitarian purpose. Rather, it is visually arresting and refreshingly tactile, evoking a strong visceral emotion. I believe it’s important for individuals to feel both physically and emotionally comfortable in their dwelling. When these aspects are combined the space becomes the definition of home and my definition of function.

My process of designing a great interior involves acquiring a deep understanding of my clients. Whether it’s what they wear, their favorite book or which time period they most admire, I interpret their personality into a design aesthetic they inevitably enjoy on a visual and visceral level. The result is what my client’s inherently need without the necessity for them to expressly define it. It is not genre specific, but instead a unique work of art that speaks to the individual for whom it is created.

I firmly believe that a room must engage all the senses, and I am renown for using layers of sumptuous textiles, high end finishes as well as scent and color in my work. I also find ways to incorporate family heirlooms and treasures into the design, or if called for, create custom pieces to achieve a cohesive and comprehensive space. These facets of my design process amount to a room that is intuitively serene and exquisite, rousing an emotional response in my clients.

My background includes art, art history and architecture. I currently reside in the New York tri-state area.